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Solutions for Different Cleaning Problem of Natural Stone at Home
From: StoneBTB   Hits:2346   Addtime:2013-8-28 17:20:07
You may meet different kinds of cleaning problems of natural stone in our daily maintenance life, such as fats, rust, organics, paint and inks, and so on. Besides the first one that we mentioned before, here we would share more solutions with you.
Rust: The dirty spots that remain because some metal has oxidized in contact with, are cleaned with a mixture of lemon juice and salt. One must take into account that lemon is acidic, so it must be left for a short period of time to act, since it can take the shine off the stone. One must clean it with a lot of water and leave it to dry. If the stone in question is a 
limestone or polished marble , the shine could be lost.
Organics: These are spots that are left by food items, coffee, decomposed leaves, and lichen, etc.
The most efficient way, if we have not succeeding in cleaning, as we mentioned in the beginning, with water and detergent or ammonia or bleach, is a solution of hydrogenperoxide and some drops of ammonia and let it act.
Paint and inks: These spots are more complicated to deal with. Both are cleaned with solvents or removers of layers of paint: there are several types, the most common are methylene chloride or mineral alcohol. Take care with methylene chloride, it is dangerous. For the inks, we can also try out with water and bleach, in clear 
coloured stones or with acetone in the case of dark coloured stones.
These substances are very aggressive which means they must be used with great care.
Extremely dirty floors: When the floors are very dirty, especially in the case of, they can be scrubbed once in a while, with half a bucket of water added with the contents of oxygenated water of 300 cc.
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