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 Floor Grinding Polishing >> Resin/Sponge Polishing >> Ceramic Bond Diamond Polishing Pad Transitional Pads for Concrete Floor

Ceramic Bond Diamond Polishing Pad Transitional Pads for Concrete Floor



Diameter: 3"/4"

Grit: 30#/50#/100#/200#/400#/800#/1500#/3000#

Thickness: 10mm

Application: stone and concrete floors



1.Good performance on granite,marble ,concrete ,engineer stone and so on.
2.Resin bond floor polishing pad are many times used after the use of metal-bond diamond tools for floor grinding and polishing,from diamond grit No. from #30-3000. the higher grit number ,the finer effects.
3.However in some cases, the resin bond floor pad can be used as a starting tool on a smooth flat floor, such as marble and terrazzo floor.

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