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 Floor Grinding Polishing >> Resin/Sponge Polishing >> Granite Marble Stone and Concrete Floor Wool Fleece Felt Sponge Fiber Grinding Disc Diamond Polishing Pad

Granite Marble Stone and Concrete Floor Wool Fleece Felt Sponge Fiber Grinding Disc Diamond Polishing Pad



Diameter: 5"/7"/9"/17"/20", other customerized sizes are available

Grit: 30#/50#/100#/200#/400#/800#/1500#/3000#

Thickness: 3mm

Application: stone and concrete floors



1.Good performance on granite,marble ,concrete ,engineer stone and so on.
2.Resin bond floor polishing pad are many times used after the use of metal-bond diamond tools for floor grinding and polishing,from diamond grit No. from #30-3000. the higher grit number ,the finer effects.
3.However in some cases, the resin bond floor pad can be used as a starting tool on a smooth flat floor, such as marble and terrazzo floor.

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