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Electrical Metal Stainless Steel Pipe Tube Finishing Belt Sander Polisher

Model: HTEPBS-760


Rated Voltage: 220V/110V
NO-load Speed:900-2800r/min
Maximun pipe diameter:180mm

Belt Diameter:40×760mm
Belt speed in idle:2.7-8.5m/s
Packing size:60.5*45*35cm/4pcs


1. This machine make it incredibly fast and easy to finish closed or open tube forms, such as railings, etc.

2. With different belts, you can rough sand and fine sand to remove surface imperfections, blend, create surface effects like stain or brush finished. All the way to mirror polishing.

3. The arms allow the belt to wrap around the surface to sontact 180 degrees of the tube at a time.

4. There's no easier or faster way to deal with tube constructions.

5. Humanity designed handle

6. The powerful Marathon motor supply inexhaustible power

7. VTC full-ware electronic speed control, makes the machine maintain stable high speed under a heavy load

8. Attached the Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter

9. Variable speed, constant power

10.Extermal carbon brush, easier to replace

11.Precisely guiding of belt, especially be applied for evenly polishing






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